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  • Relaxing Grass

    Whilst the smell of freshly cut grass often stirs up memories of relaxing summer holidays and Bob Marley liked to chill-out with ‘grass’, researchers have recently discovered that lemongrass could hold the key to relieving anxiety and soothing away stress…

    In a recent study1 scientists looked at the effect in 40 individuals of inhaling the aroma of lemongrass, as compared to control aromas of either tea tree oil or distilled water. Immediately after the inhaling the aromas the participants had to do a video monitored test, designed to create anxiety.

    The scientists measured psychological parameters, such as feelings of tension, and physiological ones, such as heart rate, before, during and after the test.

    They found that those people who had inhaled the lemongrass aroma had reduced anxiety and tension levels before the test, compared to the control groups, and whilst their levels of anxiety increased during the test they fell quicker than control groups after the test had finished.

    So as winter closes in and, for many, stress levels begin to rise why not indulge in a calming cuppa of lemongrass tea?

    Natur Boutique’s Organic Lemon Grass Tea

    Natur Boutique, experts in herbal tea blends, ensure only the highest quality organic lemongrass, grown without pesticides or fertilizers, is picked for their tea. With only one natural ingredient, and no fillers or additives, you can be assured that by drinking their tea both your body and the environment are getting the maximum benefits every time you sip their delicious drink.

    So sit back, relax and enjoy this zesty tea with its subtle citrus flavours of lemongrass.

    Available from health stores and www.naturboutique.co.uk for just £2.99 for a twenty tea bag box.

    For added benefits, Natur Boutique also produce an Organic Lemongrass & Green Tea, which is now available in Holland & Barrett stores.

    Please note: Always consult a doctor before using herbal teas if pregnant or breastfeeding.
    1. J Altern Complement Med. 2015 Sep 14. Effect of Lemongrass Aroma on Experimental Anxiety in Humans. Goes TC1, Ursulino FR1, Almeida-Souza TH1, Alves PB2, Teixeira-Silva F1.

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