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What your sleep position means

What your sleep position says about YOU (And it's bad news if you sleep on your front)https://t.co/faXHBRUjVj pic.twitter.com/8QXgbl0fs0

— Daily Express (@Daily_Express) March 19, 2016

Hungry? Are you sure?

Raw Fuel

Originally created to meet the growing demand for ... More...

Relaxing Grass

Whilst the smell of freshly cut grass often stirs up memories of relaxing summer holidays and Bob Marley liked to chill-out with ‘grass’, researchers have recently discovered that lemongrass could hold the key to relieving anxiety and soothing away stress…... More...

Acai returns

It took a battering due to over-zealous profiteers, but like a true superfood it has risen from the ashes and is back to prove why it can once again help the health of our nation!... More...

Better Body Bagels

If you train your body hard then one of the most important nutrients you need is protein, the basic building block for muscle recovery and growth. Getting your protein levels up isn’t always the tastiest of experiences though and for many involves protein shakes and bars. Dr Zak’s hope to change things for the better however with their latest product launch...... More...

Nature’s answer to period pain revealed

There could be a new natural weapon in the fight against period pain according to a new study1... More...

Breakfast benefits of buckwheat

If you want a truly healthy, and tasty, way to kick start your mornings in the New Year then it’s time to move on from traditional granola and reach for the buckwheat instead…... More...

Could algae hold the key to reducing cholesterol?

A recent study1, published in the Nutrition Journal, looked at the impact in people who had slightly raised cholesterol of taking chlorella, a type of fresh water algae.... More...

Get your belly back on track this New Year

It's estimated that one in three people is affected by IBS at some point in their lives. If you’re one of these people then ... More...

Your Skin matters

We seem to forget that the skin in a vital organ yet so many of us ignore the risks of chemicals added to soaps and makeup. skinsmatter.com is a great web site with links to links to Free From Skincare Products and Manufacturers ... More...

Seasonal health and beauty

"Phytacol is light easily absorbed and feels great on my skin. I love natural rosehip and have used this for many years." - Salma Rana femaleLIFESTYLE Editor.

Seasonal health and beauty
Autumn means hedgerow fruits come into season as blackberries, sloes and damsons add colour and flavour to our countryside. The change of seasons isn't all good though as it also brings rain, wind and dropping temperatures, meaning our skin and immune systems face a host of challenges...... More...

Get your hourglass figure today from Waist Cinchers UK

Looking to perfect your hourglass figure this summer? Waist Cinchers UK is excited to announce three brand new additions to their Ann Chery corset range, to coincide with the inaugural Waist Cincher fitness event
... More...

Prolapse Surgery is Not Just for Women Over 50

A Leading London Gynaecologist has reported seeing a significant rise over the last 6 years in the numbers of women over a wide range of ages seeking corrective surgery to improve the function of their vagina and also the appearance of their perineum ... More...

Signs of breast cancer quiz

Click below to take the quiz

People can be fat, yet fit

According to researchers, a person can be fat, and yet fit. You probably know some people who are like this. People who - despite their size, appear to bound up stairs with little effort, go on power walks leaving yo behind, play squash like a demon, ...

Read more

Horror of what the summer months could bring for thousands of girls in the UK

Female circumcision or "cutting" is usually referred to as ... More...

Vegetarian Society Gives Seal of Approval to Natracare Feminine Hygiene

In February 2011 Natracare became the first disposable feminine hygiene range to be approved by the Vegetarian Society. The Natracare range of tampons, sanitary pads, panty liners and wipes already boasts strong ethical values offering an organic and natural alternative to... More...

iSight Test App Gives Parents An Insight Into Their Toddler's Eyesight

We see this app as a great vision screening tool and to practice and gain confidence before a professional eye test.... More...

Natracare Gives Back

For five days in September 2010, Susie Hewson, Chief Executive at Natracare and her sister Theresa White, (picture) embarked on their second Natracare Sisters in partnership for change event by taking part in the Women for Women Cycle China challenge.... More...

1-20 of 138, 20 / page
Record page: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60 | 61-80 | 81-100 | 101-120 | 121-138

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