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  • Health
  • Beat monthly mood misery with ESCAPE

    “PMS was ruining my life and my relationships but now I control my monthly mood misery with Escape. I feel completely calm within 30 minutes of taking the drink - it’s like a miracle and I really wish I had discovered it years ago,” says Miss Natalie Samuel of Leeds.
    Escape is NEW
    Escape is the ONLY natural health product on the market which is clinically proven to work in just 30-45 minutes to relieve monthly mood misery. Simply mix the powder with a large glass of water to make a refreshing nutritional drink, and you can wave goodbye to mood swings, irritability and food cravings. The drink is delicious, fat-free, and the effect lasts for up to five hours. Each box contains 10 sachets suitable for the 5 days prior to menstruation when anger and irritability is at its worst.

    Natalie is just one of thousands of customers that couldn’t believe their irritability, low mood and anger could be banished by taking Escape - so easy, so quick, so natural. Normal retail price is £14.95 for a 1 month supply, but see special offers below.

    Introducing a New and Natural Way to Relieve Period Pain and Back ache
    Cura-Heat Period Pain is an air-activated super slim heat pad that provides targeted warming relief from the aches, discomfort and cramps associated with period pain. The heat radiates to the source of pain and relaxes sore muscles.

    Cura-Heat is a slim pad that is undetectable under clothes and delivers a comforting heat for a full 12 hours. It starts to warm up as soon as it is removed from its protective sachet. Simply peel away the paper strip and apply the pad to clothing or underwear over the painful area.


    It’s easy to order, simply call the ORDER HOTLINE on 0870 240 4569, or order on-line at http://www.biovite.co.uk/fsocceroffer.htm.

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    Beat monthly mood misery with ESCAPE (femaleLIFESTYLE - Health, Beauty, Fashion, Shopping, Music, Movies, Professional Women)
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