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  • Health
  • Dangerous wave of complacency

    COVID continues to affects lives in many ways. Some far more than others. After a 68k peak seen in early January all but dropped to (apparently) 0 on 18 May, we have been consistently above 20k new cases per day since the end of June.

    When walking out and about, you'd think the pandemic had never happened. Very few people are wearing masks, almost everyone walks past the sanitising station with barely a glance and people push past each down aisles. The santizer in some stores are even broken or empty. Hopefully, they're maintained and it's just coincidental.

    Yes, we may have to live with this demon called COVID, but surely we should still put at least some effort to protect each other.

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    Dangerous wave of complacency (femaleLIFESTYLE - Health, Beauty, Fashion, Shopping, Music, Movies, Professional Women)
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