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  • Food and Drink
  • Benefits of Brindal Berry

    New research supports the use of the unusual fruit for weight loss.

    Brindal berry, or Garcinia Cambogia, is an unusual fruit from South East Asia, which grows on trees and looks a like a small pumpkin. Traditionally used as an ingredient in curries, more recently the fruit has become associated with potential weight loss benefits.

    A new study1, published this month, has added weight to the argument that the fruit could offer an unusual weight loss tool.

    Researchers fed animals either a normal diet, a diet with 30% added fat, a normal diet plus Garcinia Cambogia (GC) extract, or a 30% added fat diet plus GC extract.

    As expected, in animals fed on the high fat diet blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides (fats that are the main constituent of body fat) were seen to rise. However when animals were fed on the high fat diet plus the GC extract these rises were significantly less.

    Whilst the observed reduction in triglycerides could at least in part explain the anecdotal observations of weight loss in humans the researchers made another discovery that might also come into play.

    They found that when the animals fed on the 30% fat diets were given GC their food intake (a measure of appetite) was significantly reduced as well, indicating that the fruit might act on the body in multiple ways to produce potential weight loss benefits.

    The best way to benefit from brindal berry

    Whilst you might not be able to find actual brindal berries in the UK, Natur Boutique’s Garcinia Cambogia tea offers a practical and tasty way to include it in your diet.

    With only one ingredient, natural Garcinia Cambogia, the tea avoids any unwanted ingredients and is free from additives, preservatives or fillers. The resulting drink is a high quality tea with a lemony taste and a wonderful citrus aroma.

    £3.99 from Holland and Barrett stores (visit www.naturboutique.co.uk for more details)
    Please note: Not recommended for individuals with diabetes or dementia, pregnant or lactating women, those with liver or kidney conditions, or those taking any form of medication, iron or supplements. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if adverse reactions occur. If in any doubt, speak to doctor before using. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out the reach of children.

    1. J Complement Integr Med. 2016 Mar 1;13(1):9-16. Antihyperlipidemic and antioxidant activities of the ethanolic extract of Garcinia cambogia on high fat diet-fed rats. Sripradha R, Sridhar MG, Maithilikarpagaselvi N.

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