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  • Beauty, Cosmetics
  • Clean up with coconut oil

    The Kardashians swear by it for keeping their hair looking radiant, Olympic Gold medallist Amy Williams uses it as a healthy cooking alternative and now Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel has claimed coconut oil also makes an amazing makeup remover…

    'I use organic coconut oil to take my make-up off, I also add it to my smoothies to keep my skin glowing. It's a great all round natural beauty product.'

    Coconut oil has become a firm favourite with everyone from Tinie Tempah to Miranda Kerr for its powerful moisturising and rejuvenating properties, but it appears it should be part of your beauty regime for another reason too.
    Why it works
    Coconut oil acts a superior skincare product for several reasons. Firstly it is jam packed with natural fatty acids, which act as important nutrients for the skin and hair and form vital building blocks for skin cell structures. It also forms a protective barrier, helping keep environmental pollutants out and moisture locked in.

    Coconut oil can come into play at the end of your make up day for another reason however. Many makeups have an oil base to them and are hard to remove with conventional cleansers and makeup removers. When coconut oil is used the oils in the makeup combine with the oils in the coconut oil, when it is applied to a cleansing cloth, and easily come away on the cloth with the coconut oil. It is not a new concept that oil based makeups are best removed with other oils, but coconut oil seems particularly effective because of its specific natural fatty acid content.
    Which oil
    With fans ranging from Alisha Dixon, who says ‘she’s addicted’ to it, to the England Rugby team, Coconoil is 100% pure organic oil, which is cold pressed, meaning the coconut flesh effectively has the oil squeezed out of it (many other coconut oils are prepared using high heat, which can be detrimental to some of its health and culinary benefits). Furthermore it has high levels of lauric acid, the fatty acid thought to be responsible for most of coconut oil’s benefits.

    Coconoil also helps more than just the health of those using it. The brand was set up after the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami as a way to help rebuild the livelihoods of Sri Lankan farmers and today helps keep over 200 Sri Lankans in employment. The oil is also ‘picked, packed and pressed’ at source, which improves its quality and its carbon footprint and also means more money goes to the locals who help grow and process the coconuts.

    The brand has also just started a new project with 200 smallholders from five villages in Ghana, and hope throughout 2015 they can replicate some of the success they have seen in Sri Lanka and help to create new jobs and income streams for those involved.

    For further information or to buy visit www.coconoil.co.uk, where prices start at just £5.49

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