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Avon - 50% off sale

Don't miss our SALE! Save up to 50% off on makeup faves and update your look today: https://t.co/mrmB8ldu6L pic.twitter.com/yd88XtlDY5

— Avon (@AvonInsider) March 15, 2016

Tropic Skin Care

To beard or not to beard

Try a new hair colour in the New Year with Colour Freedom

Clean up with coconut oil

The Kardashians swear by it for keeping their hair looking radiant, Olympic Gold medallist Amy Williams uses it as a healthy cooking alternative and now Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel has ... More...

Your Skin matters

We seem to forget that the skin in a vital organ yet so many of us ignore the risks of chemicals added to soaps and makeup. skinsmatter.com is a great web site with links to links to Free From Skincare Products and Manufacturers ... More...

Seasonal health and beauty

"Phytacol is light easily absorbed and feels great on my skin. I love natural rosehip and have used this for many years." - Salma Rana femaleLIFESTYLE Editor.

Seasonal health and beauty
Autumn means hedgerow fruits come into season as blackberries, sloes and damsons add colour and flavour to our countryside. The change of seasons isn't all good though as it also brings rain, wind and dropping temperatures, meaning our skin and immune systems face a host of challenges...... More...

Get your hourglass figure today from Waist Cinchers UK

Looking to perfect your hourglass figure this summer? Waist Cinchers UK is excited to announce three brand new additions to their Ann Chery corset range, to coincide with the inaugural Waist Cincher fitness event
... More...

Would you buy your son makeup and skincare?

Maleskin.co.uk As the popularity of men's makeup and skincare grows in modern day Britain, it appears as though there's a new consumer fueling the flame of demand for such products.... More...

Conscience Clear Tan

Sponsored link

BeautyBrands.ie brings you a professional organic tanning revelation “CONSCIENCE CLEAR TAN “. This rapid, quick drying and odourless formula offers a natural sunless tan that works to boost your natural skin tone and give you a flawless colour in 3 shades: Light, Medium & Dark.... More...


SmartPolish™ One Step Gel Polish

BeautyBrands, a leader in professional Irish beauty industry, is pleased to announce the launch of SmartPolish ™, a revolutionary NEW one step gel polish system ... More...

The average woman will spend more of her life wearing make-up than not

In a typical 24 hour day, women will have a face full of cosmetics for nearly 13 hours a day and will have just 11 hours free from it a study revealed yesterday.... More...

Jo Jo's pick of the week

Hi all,

The weather has managed to stay fine and with the sun staying out sun glasses weather seems to be here.... More...

A new hair care range from Lush!

Lush launches a brand new range of hair products – shampoos, conditioners and treatments – to care for, nourish and generally restore your mane to its very best.... More...

Lush use the World's first fairtrade Vanilla Absolute in Vanillary Fragrance

ATOMISER 30ml £26.00
SPRITZER 10ml £12.50

As purveyors of fresh handmade cosmetics we always strive to use the best quality ingredients that we can get our hands on. Vanilla is no different ... More...

Winter Skin Saviour

The drop in temperature, cold winds and relentless rain that arrives with winter can play havoc with our skin, leaving it feeling dry, itchy and irritated, and in desperate need of a winter skin saviour...... More...

New from LUSH - Fresh Handmade Cosmetics


Spin the wheel to discover what colours you should be wearing today... More...

The first 2-3 week tan range containing solely non-toxic ingredients

It sold out on www.boots.com and at Debenhams this week and sales have remained sky high throughout the week. Firmly established as the tan brand of choice on many red carpets, Vita Liberata pHenomenal is the world’s first 2-3 week tan and the Vita Liberata range is the only tanning range that contains solely non-toxic ingredients and contains no alcohol, perfume or parabens.

Going Beyond The Call Of Beauty

Award winning skincare brand applies their principals to hair care.... More...

Beyond Organic Travel Pack

Beyond Organic also believe that you shouldn’t have to ‘make do’ with below par beauty products just because you go on holiday, which is exactly why they’ve launched their beautiful new travel pack…... More...

1-20 of 61, 20 / page
Record page: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60

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