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  • Acai returns

    It took a battering due to over-zealous profiteers, but like a true superfood it has risen from the ashes and is back to prove why it can once again help the health of our nation!

    There was never any doubt that acai berries are good for you, they’re packed full of anti-oxidants and contain a host of different vitamins and minerals. When companies began shouting about the ‘amazing weight loss properties’ of the berry however things took a turn for the worst. With little or no evidence to support weight loss claims, sales of acai plummeted as people realised this superfood wasn’t as super as it was being made out to be – at least when it came to shedding pounds.

    But science is now highlighting why acai should still be classed as ‘super’ once again, and over the last few months several studies have been published in leading journals 1-4 that show acai appears to have some serious benefits for our health.

    In one study1, scientists mimicked the damaging effects of aging on brain cells and found that when they applied extracts of acai to these cells they were able to prevent and even reverse some of these effects.

    In other recent research 2,3, it was shown that acai extract may be able help protect the kidneys and liver from damage. Whilst scientists have also confirmed 4 that the berries do indeed have powerful anti-oxidant properties, capable of protecting cells from damage.

    So whilst the acai berry may not be able to help us miraculously fit into a bikini, as we were all promised, it does appear to have some fairly powerful benefits and still deserves its place on the list of top superfoods.

    Which acai product

    Made from berries grown organically in Brazil, BodyMe’s acai powder, which comes as a pure powder or in vegan capsules, is created from freeze dried pulp soon after the fruits are picked, which ensures its nutritional properties are persevered and concentrated. Only the water is removed in this process and 20kg of acai berry fruit creates 1kg of BodyMe acai powder, giving it a high 20:1 ratio.

    The organic powder and capsules, which are plant based and certified Kosher and Halal, contain no fillers, binders or bulking agents, just pure freeze dried acai pulp; so you know you’re getting exactly what you think you’re getting.

    Prices start at just £8.99 and 20p from every bag bought goes to the Healthy Planet organisation to help preserve the world in which we live for future generations.

    For further details or to buy visit www.bodyme.co.uk.
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