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Category: 70 | / Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Algae answer

Chlorella, a type of green algae, which can be harvested and turned into a health supplement, has been claimed to help support the normal functioning of the immune system, due to it containing numerous vitamins and other important nutrients. There could be another way chlorella could help our immune systems this winter however.

It's thought that long term stress suppresses our immune system, making us more prone to getting ill. Researchers1 have found that chlorella may affect part of the brain called the hypothalamus, which plays a big role in how we react to stress. It was discovered that the algae appears able to reduce the amount by which the hypothalamus activates part of the body's stress system; resulting in less activity by a specific stress hormone, called adrenocorticotropic hormone.

Whilst this wasn't a human study, the scientists concluded that the research helped reinforce the concept that chlorella has an ability 'to diminish the impact of stressors'; ultimately that under stressful conditions the body doesn't get as stressed.

Which chlorella?

Sun Chlorella is one of the world's most popular brands (although it should be noted that the study above used a different species of chlorella to that used by Sun Chlorella) as they use something called DYNO®-Mill technology when creating their supplements. This breaks down the cell wall of the algae, without the use of heat or chemicals which can reduce the quality of the chlorella, to ensure when you use their products you're getting the most nutrients possible. Sun Chlorella is available in both granule form, to be added to smoothies and shakes, and as tablets.

Available directly from www.sunchlorella.co.uk or health stores nationwide.

Ginger winter warmer

Natur Boutique's Organic Ginger Tea is made solely from 100% pure organic ginger and is renowned for its sweet, non bitter, taste. The reason for such an outstanding taste comes from the way in which the ginger is grown. It comes from plants grown without artificial fertilizers and pesticides in the warm tropical climate and fertile soils of Vietnam. The conditions and the fact the roots are allowed to grow slowly and naturally gives them a sweeter flavour than normal, which lends them perfectly to making tea.

For more information or to buy visit www.naturboutique.co.uk where prices start at £2.99. Also available from independent health stores.

Please consult a doctor before using if pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from any medical condition or on any form of medication. Stop use immediately if you experience any adverse effects and consult a doctor. Consult a doctor before use of ginger, or ginger products, in children.

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