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  • New Celebrity Chat Show - Koffee with Karan

    Sunday 13th Feb 2005
    Every Sundays at 9pm

    Special guests – Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol on screen together as never seen before

    Koffee With Karan is a one hour chat show that has Karan Johar, son of legendary film director, in conversation with not just one, but two Celebrities at any one time - a chat show that will bring out the sides of two of your favourite celebs that you have never discovered before.

    The show has Karan chatting with his two guests (who more often than not are part of his personal friends list) on a wide range of topics. Being a personal friend to most of them, Karan will get the guests to open up and chat about topics that they could hardly be expected to say/do in any other television chat show.

    The two guests will have some common string which will determine the combination in which they come on the show. They could be contemporaries who are great friends / arch rivals / hottest pair / worst rated pair etc.

    Celebs such as Shah Rukh - Kajol; Rani Mukerjee-Kareena Kapoor; Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan, AB and Son AB, Gauri Khan - Suzanne khan are all part of the guest list.

    Each guest faces ‘the rapid fire round’ - both guests have to face a volley of questions each thrown by Karan - The most intimate and dangerous questions are asked in this round at the end of which Karan decides who was telling the truth.

    With a good mix of emotions, controversies and some fiery fun, Koffee With Karan is easily the evening to look out for.
    Guests in Feburary
    Shahrukh Khan -Kajol Feb 13th
    Rani -Kareena Feb 20th
    Saif -Preity Feb 27th
    Ashwarya - Sanjay Leela Bhansali March 6th

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    New Celebrity Chat Show - Koffee with Karan (femaleLIFESTYLE - Health, Beauty, Fashion, Shopping, Music, Movies, Professional Women)
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