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  • UK launch for new baby breathe easy system

    Little Noses is launched at Superdrug stores nationally from October 2005 for just £5.49 for a 25ml bottle plus nasal aspirator.

    A baby’s immune system is still developing, making it more vulnerable to the common cold. In fact, babies are likely to get from four to ten colds in their first year. It’s instinct for them to breathe through their nose – even when it’s blocked – and this can disrupt sleep, nursing and bottle-feeding.

    Help is at hand however – literally – because Little Noses from Essential Health Products Ltd is the UK’s first non-medicated saline remedy with handy nasal aspirator system all in one.

    Available at Superdrug stores nationally from October 2005 (for just £5.49 for a 25ml bottle plus nasal aspirator), it comes in the form of a unique ‘breathe easy’ kit specifically designed for newborns and babies suffering from nasal congestion caused by colds, allergies or dry air.

    The alcohol-free saline solution won’t sting baby’s delicate nasal membranes and this natural formulation is drug-free too, which means it can be used from day one and as often as needed without any worry of harmful side effects.

    It loosens and thins nasal mucus and moisturises nasal passages, helping to clear stuffy noses and allow babies to breathe easier, naturally.

    And it’s packaged in a convenient dropper bottle that is simplicity itself to use. After applying the drops, the bulb of the aspirator is squeezed and then the tip is placed at the entrance of the baby’s nostril. The other nostril is held shut to create a vacuum and the bulb is gently released - with the suction created gently pulling the mucus from the nose.

    Little Noses is a tried and tested formula and is a best seller in Australia where both parents and doctors have come to rely on it. In fact paediatric nursing staff at the Royal Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia routinely use Little Noses on the Children’s Ward following a trial to discover a natural alternative to the conventional mechanical method of nasal suction in babies.

    A clear nose is essential for a healthy baby and Little Noses is easy and safe to use, hygienic, convenient and the most effective way to maintain nasal and sinus health without any side effects.

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